Toshiba SD-330e (HELPPPP!!!)

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    Hi all (HELPPP!!!!)
    I have just bought a Toshiba SD-330e DVD player. It plays fine. The problems is that when I try to play DVD-r's that I have created containing M-pegs or AUDIOTS/VIDEOTS files the bottom half of the screen is bright green & the top half is all distorted (though the sound seems ok) I have used Nero 6 & Copy to DVD to burn, at X1 to X4 speeds.
    I create DVD-r's with footage from my DV camcorder with no problems at all using Ulead studio 8 (they work perfect)
    The discs I am using admittedly are cheap X4 bulk ones, but like I say they work great for my home movie discs. (DVD+r's don't work at all)
    I don't want to fork out for expensive discs if theres no chance (unless anyone thinks it could be woth a try!)
    Any ideas???
    Hope someone can help!

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