Toshiba sd 330 and VCD's

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    My parents recently purchased a toshiba widescrren tv and dvd.

    good package and sound BUT

    when i tried to play a VCD on it the DVD seems to throw a wobbly and every show often on the dvd the picture is distored or has horizontal lines through it.

    The vCD we tried was a slideshow of pictures burned onto a 80 min CDr. I own a Sony dvd and a pacific dvd both of which play the same VCD without any problems.

    I have tried reburning the VCD but still we get the problems. It just isnt the same picture every time - it seems to jump from pic to pic, sometimes we get a lot of problems sometimes very little.

    Is this a firmware problem or a CDr problem. What can i do to resolve it ?

    Any help much appreciated.


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