Toshiba SD-220EB = stuck in NTSC mode?


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I have a Toshiba SD-220EB DVD player, and up until recently it worked fine.

But then the other day I put a DVD from the Futurama boxset in, and it came up with the message "not NTSC" on the screen.

I tried all of my DVD's in it, all Region 2 PAL ones, and none of them will work. My TV is PAL as well.

I have also lost the menu which alllows you to change between PAL and Auto, and the one to select the Video Out format.

When I press ZOOM 6 0 6 ZOOM I can display information like the BOOT ROM version, MAIN ROM verison, etc. On there it says "V-FORMAT: NTSC".

Obviously the V-FORMAT should be PAL, and I think thats why its not working. But I dont know how to change it to PAL, or do something like a factory reset.

Any ideas?


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Thanks for the link.

But I didn't really want to make it multi region. I just want to fix the problem.

When I bought it it was Region 2 PAL, and now its Region 1 NTSC. I dont really see how this has happened though.

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