Toshiba SD-220E Multiregional DVD Player


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Approximately 4 years ago I bought my Toshiba SD-220E Multi-regional DVD Player from a small online company called Techtronics, they specialised in adding their own multi-regional modifications to new DVD players.

Their "Mod" allowed DVD players to play DVD disk from any region, from 0 - 6, without having to perform the "hack" dance, i.e. hanging one foot out the window while doing a hand-stand and the hokey-cokey:rolleyes:

However, now Techtronics are gone and the "Mod" in my DVD player is starting to fail, at the moment I can no longer play my region 3 DVD disks.

So my question is this, does anyone know where I can get my Techtronic "Mod" replaced or buy a modern DVD player/recorder with a similar modification?

UK Bob

Please note, I would prefer to deal with a UK based company if possible.


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Richer Sounds would be a good place to go.


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I bought my SD-220E region free from Richer Sound about 5 years ago too, however that failed about 2 years after buying it. Around that time there was a CD image circulating the net that would turn any SD-220 (I think it was originally compatible with SD-200 as well) into multi region. The image file was around 3-4 mb I think and it turned my now single region back into region free. I think it orignally was a rar file. Maybe google might help?


Quick google provided: - the link is still active but I haven't tried burning the file - hope this helps!

"I think the problem is a lot of people do not know what to do with bin and cue files and the only working multi region hack that I know of for the Toshiba 220e comes in cue and bin files so here is what you must do with them, I have done this and hacked my Toshiba SD220E so I know that it definitely works.
First remember where on your Hard-drive you downloaded these files.
Next fire up Nero ( you can download a trial of Nero from this website )
Press the File Button and go to BURN IMAGE
Select the bin file
Burn it in (dao) disc at once mode as (tao) track at once does not work
Have Raw data clicked then press the OK Button and off you go.
Once you have a cd with the file burned
just follow these instructions to upgrade your toshiba sd220e.
On your dvd player
1.)in the setup menu,select "picture", pal/auto and select "auto".

2.)put the upgrade disc on the disc tray and close.

3.) SD220E:loading message continues to appear on the fl display.the picture of vcd is displayed on the tv screen.

the upgrade.takes about 10 seconds. Just eject the cd and turn off the DVD player.
Now your SD220E is region free! Enjoy!

It really is that simple "


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I downloaded the file some time ago, but in the end didn't use it. However I did pass it on to another forum member, and he reported complete success with it, so you shouldn't have any problems.


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First of all, I would like to say a late but wholehearted thanks to you for your suggestion, link to the rar file and clear instructions because without them I would be looking to buy a new multi-regional player.

The reason for my late "thanks" is that between asking for help, getting your suggestion and implementing it I came down with a chronic illness. I am much better now and the illness, although permanent, is now under control.

One small thing though, you suggested using the "bin" file, my NERO (version 5.x) could not see this file but it could see the "cue" file, which I ended up using. The image was created on CD, just as you said, and when I played the CD in my Toshiba 220E the programmes automatic process kicked in and hey presto my machine was region free again.

Once again, Cheers.

UK Bob

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