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I need help...

I thought I knew what I was doing but...

my system

Panny PW42 Plasma, Tosh 220 DVD, Telewest Digital cable Marantz 5200 etc Connections are syncblaster rgb to 5bnc on my dvd player and syncblaster rgb to pc din on my cable box to the appropriate ins on my plasma

My problem...

Bought and got some dvd's for xmas, some of which play and some of which do not..

What actualy happens is as follows

for example Minority Report, I get a picture for 1-2 secs and then I get "no signal" message on my plasma screen, yet when I connect my dvd via svideo to my plasma and change the output on my dvd to svideo out then everything is fine. Now means I have to swop between outputs on my DVD. Not had this problem before.

Any one got any advice?

Jason S

What happens if you swap cables around? Just to eliminate the simple things.

Seems a bit odd that some discs play and some don't via RGB.



I certainly don't purport to be an expert and you have probably had a look at this already, but have you setup the dvd to auto for the type of discs you are playing. I don't think you specified.

I am connected to a 28" JVC and have played R1 & R2 with no problems. The TV is NTSC compatible but unfortunately don't know anything about plasma's.

This may be of no use but you never know.

Regards and a Happy New Year


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