Toshiba RXDS30



Hi all
Regular reader, but first time poster here.

Looking at purchasing a DVD recorder to edit and archive off my ever growing collection of camcorder tapes. Having done a little research into this I fell a recorded with a HDD is going to best suit my needs for the editing side.

As a newbie what are other peoples thoughts on this recorder and will it suit my needs?

Does the Tosh have a DV in???

Richer Sounds are currently knocking this model out for 450ish anyone seen it cheaper or is this a good deal?



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might be worth checking out the review of this model in the Home cinema choice forum. Believe it has a few limitations however (lack of RGB in/ no component output).

Have you thought about the new panasonic e85? this has both RGB in + components and a bigger HDD for not a lot more money
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