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Peter Shilton

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I have a Toshiba 42WH18 and there is a faint white vertical strip about 3 or 4 inches wide just to the right of the centre of the screen when you are watching a black screen (say the credits, or when DVD is loading etc)

Is this normal or is it a fault with the TV.

Does anyone else have it?



my 42wh had a couple of strips on the screen. they were not white, more like a transparent band which you could see the edges of it. One band was about 3 inches off the left of the screen, the other was more in the middle.





I just put up with it. I could only see them on light pictures. i have had several makes of wide screen tvs and all of them have had the same sort of problems. Even my new sony px2 has a couple of bars. Mine were not white though. More like a transparent strip. On a totally black screen there was no white lines but the transparent strips were there. About 1-2 inches wide running from the top of the screen to the bottom.

cheers mate

owt else just ask


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Hav a faint horzontal band across the middle, but you can only see it on all black backgrounds like end credits.

I've put up with it.


I had exactly the same problem with my Tosh 42wt29. Bought an Ixos 141av scart cable and setup my dvd to output RGB. Hey presto, no more vertical lines! I found them very annoying though when I had them on my Tv.

Peter Shilton

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Have got an Ixos scart cable from my sky bow and video.

I watch DVDs through component lead.

All changes of lead, input etc do not alter the problem.

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