Toshiba Regza XV Series 32" + PS3 Issue


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This is my first ever post and I hope I posted this in the right section if not I apologise :thumbsup:. My anger is so high right now I am seriously so fustrated. z

I will explain my problem :)

Ok so basically today I got my delivery, Toshiba HDTV full 1080p TV From

Link to the TV (UK) : Toshiba Regza XV Series 32" 32XV555 HD 1080p Freeview Widescreen LCD TV : Electronics - Free Delivery

The tv looks amazing, no doubt about that. I set it all up etc. But when it comes to the PS3.. the sound isn't working properly. It's so strange and it makes me just say to myself ***?

So I reset my PS3, plugged in the HDMI lead into HDMi 1 at the back of the TV. Went to the playstation 3 display settings and set it too 1080p

Set the HDMi Audio to automatic.

I get SOME sound for example on the XMB the key clicks. The key clicks only work when I go directly across the whole XMB, if I just press the directional button once then it dosen't play the key tone click. ( I hope this makes sense )

So anyway I load up fifa 09. Playstation 3 melody works. Plays the sound. Then the sound is dead.. no game sound at all.. so I am utterly lost there. So I say ok. I try a new hdmi lead and try all the other hdmi ports. Still the same. What is weird though. If i turn the TV on standby then turn it back on the sound works.. :confused:

So I tried to update the televisions firmware, said it was up do date. I then reset the TV and turned off all the SRS WOW effects and crap. Still the sound goes off.

If I turn the tv on with PS3 on then sound is fine. Then say I wanted to just leave a game paused, go look on freeview DTV, then come back to my game the sound wouldnt work again. So i'd need to turn the tv off and back on for the sound to work properly?

I also tested my playstaion 3 on my mums samsung HDTV and the sound works fine, no problems what so ever so there is something weird about my brand new tv.

I really don't know what is causing the problem I have tried everything I can think of.

I really hope somebody out there can shine some light on to me. I am only a studnet and that tv was a high budget for me.. Now I feel like I have wasted my money and I can't do anything about it.

Thanks for reading, hope you can help me :lease:

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