Toshiba Regza 40XF355D



Have just taken delivery of my new LCD television. Whilst it looks very impressive I am now keen to understand how to set the picture to optimal settings. I have found something on an Italian Website that gave me setting that they recommended but didn't totally understand. Therefore is there a website etc that you can visit to get a suggested set up, there are so many permutation it would be much better to use an already established set.

Amazed that this is not included within the instruction manual.

Thank you


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Personally I really feel it is an issue if people get hung up on settings. The drive in my opinion to make changes is because you are not happy with the picture.
So first off how is the internal Freeview, use BBC1 as a bench mark?
If connecting a DVD player or SKY/SKY+ how does that react as I find most people do not realise the obvious.
If connected by Scart are you a: using a quality Scart cable, b: set the output to 16:9 not some 4:3 format or letterbox, c: Set to RGB and not composite or PAL.
If a DVD player has component progressive out then try that
Most free bundled Scart cables in my opinion are not worth the light, and not much better/worse than a supermarket "GOLD" Scart.
I believe in, "Rubish in = Rubish out".
P.S. Excellent TV, my neighbour has one.


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I tried various different settings that I found on the internet but eventually settled on my own settings. Try the picture preset settings and adjust from the one you like the best because every website or post you go to has different settings and I must conclude, that there are no "right" settings and its down to individual choice. Although I would suggest turning off black stretch as it makes dark scenes almost unwatchable.

By the way, very nice TV :)

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hi guys
as you all have the tosh 40xf355, please could you give me your honest opinions on the tv as some time this year i will be getting either the xf or the zf depending on my budget and the price of the tv's at the time. as the xf is about £400 cheaper it would be a better deal if the performance was pretty close to the zf. reading through the xf reviews, they range from fantastic picture and a great tv, to a horrible picture and don't buy this tv. so could you give your opinions on picture quality on sd and hd , and maybe the dreaded backlight bleed in the corners.
thanks russ


As a non TV person so to speak I am very happy. One comment which is obvious but not if you have just come from a CRT TV as I have is that the distance from TV makes a big difference. I'm glad i didn't go for a bigger screen.
Still think in this world of simple is best it would be nice to have several pre-defined settings for the picture so you can experiment with some degree of confidence. I found all the setting were turned up very high so glad I did find something on line that helped me adjust. Also turning the black stretch off seems important.
And of course it looks VERY pleasing to the eye.

rusty mechanic

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hi trott
thanks for the reply and glad that your pleased with your new tv. when i got my first lcd i was in the same boat as you when trying to get a perfect picture, but with the help of this forum and upgrading my leads etc i now have a cracking picture on my 32" philips tv. but at the moment i want to get more from my blu-ray movies, which is why i'm looking at the 40" xf or zf tv's.
getting back to the tosh xf, have you had any problems with the backlight bleed in the corners which alot of people seem to have with these tv's and which is my main worry about buying one. also are you using the in-built freeview or have you got sky or cable and have you tried any hd stuff yet?
sorry for all the questions and thanks for your feedback. russ:thumbsup:

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