Toshiba Regza 32SL863B no sound


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Hi all,

Just received the Toshiba Regza 32SL863B from Amazon. The installation went ok, after a few hours (the TV was connected to internet), I have got a message saying that there is a software update available.
I updated it and after a while I turned it off. After a few hours I turned it back on and surprisingly there was no sound at all, checked everything, no chance. I tried to revert to the factory settings, I could not find it, just the Reset TV, it resets to the initial configuration that came with, no old software/firmware.

Whenever I turn it on there is an attempt of sound, just a second, after this the sound is no more.

I tried to find the previews firmware but I could not find it. It seems that the latest software is causing this.
Apart of this issue, the TV looks OK. I like the stand, it is very strong made.
I tried to contact Toshiba support but it seems that is notthat easy.
Any help/suggestions are welcome.

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Strange, the headset is working... I just sent a request to Amazon for a replacement.
I was thinking to change it with LG or Panasonic, but I will get one more to see how it will work.
I like it, it is very well built.


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I have received the replacement of TV, but I am afraid to update to the latest software, which come with some improvements in regard with playing avi files from usb port, maybe other improvements..
Without this update I cannot play any of video files. If I will update it I might have the same sound problems as the one I have just sent it back.
I have tried to contact Toshiba support centre by mail, but no answer so far.
Has anyone any idea the best way to contact them, phone or email. I did it through website and I did not get any answer yet.


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Originally came with jun.20.2011 FW
I sent a letter to Toshiba UK, I was given a ref. no. but it's been three days and no answer.
The new one available is: Dec 2 2011 FW:14. I did update it and so far it is working fine, the sound is working fine.
With this update the TV has faster response when turn it on, supports DivX VOD. I can play all my avi files.
Very pleased so far. the only think it worries me is; Toshiba support, do not seems to be good.
I also have a LG 19inch, I had a problem with it, the LG support were PERFECT. They picked it up, fixed and no charge at all.
I hope this one I am not going to have problem with it. If it will be Amazon has great policy of taking care of it, even after 30 days money back.


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Sounds to me like there was either a problem with the original TV or something happened to the original firmware update. Sorry as it is working now can't really help but glad to hear it is ok now.​

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