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Hi all,
I just bought a Toshiba D-R17DT recorder.

I know there are a lot of decent machines out there, and several if not most are a lot better looking, but I bought this one specifically so I could use the same remote to control both my TV and my DVD recorder.

My TV is a Toshiba 40XF, but for the life of me I can't get a single function to work on the DVDR by using the TV remote (switched to "DVD" obviously) - even on/off.

My second issue is this. I don't have freeview access so I use my Sky receiver Sky plumbed in through the DVDr's AV2 input to watch normal SkyTV. I then have the HDMI out going to my TV - is that right enough? My problem is that I can't watch ANYTHING without the fan humming away in the background. It's not REALLY loud, but I can still hear it over normal TV watching. I could put up with it humming when watching or recording a DVD, but for normal TV viewing it's distracting. Have I set something up wrongly?

My third issue is the fact that I have to connect my Sky box to AV2. I note that AV1 and AV2 are both described as Inputs in the manual, but for some reason, when I connect my Sky box to AV1, there is "ghosting" of the picture on the screen. Is this just something specific to sat boxes, that they HAVE to be connected to AV2? I want to test out that my AV1's ghosting isn't actually a fault - what's the best way to do this?

As I said earlier, I have no freeview access so I always just use Sky. The manual says that when a signal appears on AV2 that the device will automatically switch to viewing that input (ie switch by itself to AV2 if Sky is on). My fourth problem is that it's not doing this. When I switch the device on at the wall, it defaults into freeview mode.

Lastly, my fifth problem is how to display the clock on the front of the unit when I'm watching Sky through AV2. Simple, right - my VCR did it all the time. For some reason, all I can get to display is "AV2", which doesn't really tell me much - essentially, it doesn't tell me what time it is!

So is there something wrong with my Toshiba, am I setting it up wrongly, or would I be better getting a device from a different manufacturer?

Does Toshiba make ANY DVD recorder which I can share the remote between the TV and DVDr? I REALLY don't want YET another remote control in my house. Is there any universal remote which could control ALL the functions of my TV (incl things like "input select" and potentially freeview control if I set that up) and all the functions of my DVDr (incl things like "input select" and potentially freeview control if I set that up), as well as all the functions of Sky?

Does the fact that I was specifically told these remotes would be compatible mean that I can return the unit to John Lewis?

thanks for your help,

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