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Toshiba Rear Pro TVs

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by GavinH, Sep 28, 2003.

  1. GavinH

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    Sep 22, 2003
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    I am considering a Toshiba rear projection TV and wanted to know the pros and cons of the different models available. I thought the choice was between the WT29 range and the PW23, based on a brochure I picked up (2002 – 2003). However, I have heard Demon talking in this forum about the WH36 range, and after looking at Toshiba’s web site, it seems that this is their new RPTV :)

    I have looked at the WT29 in shops, and although I have not had a specific demo, it does look good. However I must say that the normal CRTs in the shop look better…

    How does the WH compare with the WT?

    If I am looking for a tosh rear pro, is the WT basically the best set they offer?

    Finally, excuse the possibly newbie question, but do all rear projection TVs use CRTs? I may have been completely mistaken at the time, but I thought I saw a DLP rear projection TV in a shop, and judging by its price, I assumed this was an upgrade in technology. Thus I assumed that rear pro TVs were LCD projection… please correct me :)

  2. nathan_silly


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    The problem with viewing RP's in a shop is that it's artifical. The sunlight & bright lights hitting the screen washes out the contrast. No doubt when you get home you'll watch a film in a darkish room without 100W flouroescent lights right above the screen!

    A direct view TV will look better in a shop, next to a rear projection. Visit a TV shop with demo rooms upstairs (darkened conditions) and then watch a CRT RP again. Fab! :)

    Even with contast at 40, in a pitch black room it's still got high levels of contrast. I light a small sidelight, say 20W so the eye's aren't at full dilation.

    There are four types of rear projection

    LCD (single lens LCD, fan)
    CRT (three CRT's, three lenses)
    DLP (something to do with a spinning wheel)
    LCOS (very new, silicon on something?)

    [edit] the difference between the WT and WH range is mainly Progressive feature (at least NTSC, not sure of PAL yet)

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