Question Toshiba RDXV59 DTKB2 - HDD/DVD/VCR - video not working - can I disconnect video player?


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Hi - I've got a Toshiba RDXV59 DTKB2 - HDD/DVD/VCR combined.
My question is;
is there a way to disconnect the video player, but leave the DVD and HDD parts working?

The reason why I'm asking is;
The video player's not working - it was playing up for while, and if I put a video in it would power off.
However, I never used the video so no issues - but now whenever I power the machine on the video player tries to do something (the wheels turn, but there's a constant clicking as the mechanism seems to get stuck) and it powers off.
I've taken it apart to have a look an can see the white plastic cogs trying to turn but I can't find an obvious or easy way to fix it.
Hence my question - is there a way to somehow disconnect the video, but leave the DVD and HDD parts working?
If I take the band off the motor to stop it turning the cogs, it spins and the machine still powers off. If I disconnect the motor, will that work or will that cause more problems?
Any help much appreciated, as it would save me having to buy a new machine when I know I've got a perfectly good one here - if I could just stop the video player part causing the power off!
Thanks for any help.

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