Toshiba RDXS34 to Panasonic EH60D

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    I have now sold my RDXS34 due to the fan noise and speed to start. I am now starting to regret my decision.

    I thought I would go for the Panasonic EH60D due to large HDD and Freeview tuner... However... The editing ability by comparison looks decidedly poor.

    Looking in the manual I cannot see how you can automatically (pressing 1 button and applying to the whole recording) apply Chapters to a HDD recording after the recording has taken place?

    Also is it possible to merge all of the chapters and then re apply them at a different frequency?

    Can I make a Playlist from different recordings and save them as a new recording (Edit together a series of programmes removing the adverts and recorder over different weeks)?

    I have other questions but these are the main ones.

    Many thanks

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    I haven't used the EH60D, my answers are based on the E85. But Pannys are fairly consistent from one model to another.

    You can't do this.

    You can create chapters on the HDD manually, one at a time. Auto chaptering only occurs when you dub at normal speed to a DVD-R and finalize (may also apply to DVD-R/W in the EH60D?).

    Not all at once.

    You can merge two consecutive chapters. So you can merge them all, doing it two at a time.

    Yes. A playlist can contain extracts from multiple recordings. When you dub a playlist, a new title is created.

    You can't dub from the HDD to the HDD, but you can high speed dub a playlist on the HDD to a DVD-RAM, then high speed dub the resulting title back to the HDD.

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