Toshiba rdxs32 Ntl stb IR issue

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    I have a Toshiba RDSX32 and NTL STB. DI4001 They comunicate via the supplied IR adapter connected to the back of the Toshiba and placed in front of the NTL STB.

    The code needed for the setup of the DI4001 is 0042.(Supplied by Toshiba Tech Support)

    This gives rise to a problem.....the NTL box sometimes generates two characters per single key press, giving rise to incorrect channel selection.

    IE. 140 pressed gives 140 or 114 or 144 or even on occasion 0.

    Not good if you need reliable channel selection say for Videoplus or timer recording.

    The cure. :lesson:

    Unplug the IR Transmitter and open the case (just prise the case open with a suitable screwdriver).
    Once open solder a 10v 47uf electrolytic capacitor inside. In parallel with the IR Diode. (This is available from Maplin cost 10p but I robbed mine from a old radio.) :)

    There is plenty of room inside as the case only houses a small circuit board with the cable connected one end and the IR diode at the other. (Make sure you connect it the right way round.) plus to plus.

    Clip the case back together.

    Re connect.

    Mine is now 100% reliable.

    Hope this helps someone.

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