Toshiba RDXS30 problem



My new Toshiba XS30 has developed an odd glitch.
When I try to record digital TV via a Nokia 221T settop box the recording stops after just 4 seconds and the message 'Source content is copy protected.Recording has been paused.' is displayed
And this is on clearly non- restricted material such as the news and adverts
I'm using the AV2 input on the XS30. To make things even odder,analogue TV records ok!
All connections via scarts and RFs are as directed in the installation manual.

Seems as if the copy protection is being triggered when it shouldn't be.Any ideas welcome please.
Thanks for the speedy response. No,at least I don't think it does s-videao. I'm just feeding theoutput into my TV to get digital pictures which I do get and very wekll too

Toshiba themselves said that clearly the sort of things I'm trying to record will not be copy protected and can't think of a reason but surely forum members know better!
It sounds more like a problem with your Freeview box - sounds as though it needs a software upgrade (same as affected the Humas, Pace boxes). Your best bet is posting a request for help in the "SKy+, Freeview, Cable" forum as odds are more people there will have come across your problem. There might be a way of forcing your digibox to upgrade.

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