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Toshiba RDXS30 HDD Upgrade or New Model

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by quinn45, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. quinn45


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    I have a Toshiba RDXS30 over the weekend I tried to upgrade
    its HDD. I have A spare 80GIG HDD. I took the lid off the RDXS30 and plugged it in.

    I powered on the RDXS30 after a few seconds I got an error message on the front of the unit saying ERR 7063.

    I was hoping like some of the other PVRs on the market at the moment it would automatically detect the HDD and format to the new size, but alas is did not.

    I was not brave enough to stick the drive in my PC to try to read in case it trashed it.

    Does any one please know if you can upgrade the HDD to a larger one, or if Toshiba will bring out a newer model like they have in Japan

    RD-XS31 80 GIG HDD
    RD –XS40 120 GIG HDD
    RD_X3 160 GIG HDD
    RD-X4 250 GIG HDD

    If they were to bring out the RD-X4 in the UK I will buy it tomorrow.


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