Toshiba RDSX34 & freeview



I have recently purchased a RDSX34 HDD?DVD recorder.
I wanted a HDD/DVD in particular and this seemed the best buy especially since it has a firewire input for downloading camcorder video to burn to DVDs.
I have a PC and this is very time consuming to do this on and often crashes the PC.
However i think i have under estimated the problem of not having freeview built in.
I live in an area where the analogue TV reception is very poor and we can't receive channel 5 for instance.
However freeview gives excellent reception.
I have been trying various setup with the RDSX34 to come up with the best setup but none of them seem ideal.
i have a Panasonic TX-32PK3 TV which has 2 scart inputs AV1 and AV2.
The probelem with the RSSX34 is how to record a TV channel whilst watching another.
THE RDSX34 has 2 scart sockets, which in theory could be connected to 2 different freeview boxes, however in order for the RDSX34 to communicate properly to the TV one of these has to be connected to the TV SCART AV1.
That only leaves one scart on the RDSX34 free for connecting to the a freeview box.
I have got around it so far by connecting the the 2nd freeview box to the AV2 input on the TV, But this involves selecting TV/AV using the TV handset and then selecting AV1 or AV2 as input.
I was wondering how other people are dealing with what must be a common problem and will become even more so once analogue Tv is switched off ( has the governement really thought through the consequences of this?)

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