Toshiba RD-XS32SB DVD Recorder - DVD-R problem



I am having problems with my recorder not recognising DVDs that it has just recorded. I am using Infiniti discs and have so far had little problems with them but over the past couple of days my recorder will happily recognise a blank disk when inserted and it will happily allow me to record from the HDD using the "Dub Selected Items" feature. The recorded items are fine and will play with no problems as long as I don't eject the DVD.

When I do, and reinsert it, the recorder fails to recognise it but flashes "Loading" for several minutes before either showing me a mesage telling me to check the disc for damage/cleanliness or, more frequently, just a blank blue screen. When the latter happens and I try to use the Content Menu I am told that this is unavailable with pre-recorded material. If I press "Play" I am told the disc is unplayable.

Any Ideas?

Kevin Byron

kop 1

hi i too have a toshiba rd-xs32sb dvd recorder i am always recording on it to hard drive , for last two years anyway, i am now getting block noise or pixels on my hd anybody else out their with the same problem or do you know where i could get it fixed thanks

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