Toshiba RD-XS32 Media


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I have had the above recorder for about two years and only ever tried to record on Piodata 2X discs. I have now run out of these and cannot find any media that the Recorder will record on.

For most discs it says this disc cannot be recorded on. For others it simply goes through the recording process and then when i try and play the disc (which has been finalised) it says this disc cannot be played.

I have updated the Firmware to 1416 as suggested elsewhere on here but this seems to have made no difference.

Can someone suggest a brand of DVD's that will work and also is still available.

Most of the older threads on here do suggest various media but I cannot see where I can buy them.

Details of discs, suppliers or further firmware upgrades would be much appreciated.


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I had good results on the Tosh 32 with- Memorex, Philips, Maxell and Datawrite greys. Unfortunately when the companies bring out the later versions of the disks they are not the same.
The above recommendations were with 2x or 4x speed.
Now you'll struggle to find 8x as nearly all are 16x.
Maxell 8x have been my favourite for quite a while (3 for the price of 2- But my last order were 16x and have quite a high failure rate on my PC! So much for progress.
I no longer have the Tosh32 exchanged for a Pioneer 440 this Spring.



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I've got the toshiba rdxs34 and have had no problems using imation 8X discs from currys/pc world.


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I use memorex 16x and they copy well. Only had problems with princo 2x/4x.

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