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I went in hunt for a toshiba 51WH36 Today at Currys but couldn't find it. All I saw was a 42WH36 and the biggest RPTV was a 47" from another brand. The picture was unsharp and the image seemed like dark compared to the lcd displays?

I know the sharpness can be done but is image dullness always like this?

The tv was actually somehow mounted on a shelf! and the tv was in effect looking down on me.

Please help!


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I'd actually suggest looking in your local Comet(if you have one)....they generally have the TV's mounted as you would in your living room,and that avoids the screen looking dark when viewed from an extreme angle.
All RPTV's to a degree will lose brightness when the set of viewed off-axis,although the Toshiba's are quite forgiving in that respect.
That's the reason it looked dull,almost certainly.

Always try and ensure that you get a good view of the set,and the shop really should be prepared to do that,given the cost.
Another good tip is to have them hook it up to a DVd player,and take a DVD you know and like,to get a real idea of picture quality,rather than using the shop video feed,which is usually awful.


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Also rptvs don't look great brightness wise under the shops bright lighting. Comet online were doing the Sony 44" for £999 worth considering as a possible alternative.

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