Toshiba Plasma from Richer Sounds?


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Has anyone purchased the Toshiba 42WP16E from Richer Sounds (£2999) and actually installed it?
I believe this set is a clone of the Panasonic TH42PW4B but is it identical?
What inputs does the RS Tosh come with as standard? (I need component for DVD, VGA (via Dr John's RGB converter) and (yuk!) composite for my VCR).
Is it silver or black?
What's the standard warranty?
I presume it doesn't come with a stand.




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Best to talk with RS about which inputs you get. Worst case is that you don't have a terminal board fitted, but I've been told you can get one for approximately £200. To connect in your VCR you do need the terminal board as it provides the component, composite and S-Video inputs too.

You should have a VGA connector as standard, so you'd still be able to use a RGB to Plasma VGA unit even if you don't have a terminal board.

Sorry, not sure about it's colour or if you get a stand. I'd say it's probably back and you won't get the stand as these are normally sold septerate.

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Dr John Sim.


Its exactly the same exept for the front badge.

Even the remote is the same.

It comes with RCA Terminal Board which you have to install (it just slots in) 1xComponent 1xComposite 1xSvideo 1xVGA

Its silver in colour and is not supplied with stand or speakers.

They are also offering 3 years extended onsite warranty (immediate replacement if not fixed) for £250 (was £500)

I am pleased with it, I walked into the Cheltenham Branch and they had one boxed in the back room, could not resist buying it.

Richard Thomas


Seems you have had most questions answered bar one. Standard warranty is 2 years Return to Base on the Toshiba Screens. However a recent post indicated that RS take them from Germany so you will need to check with them what they offer is it may not be the same.

Hope this helps


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Great answers, so thank-you.
My only difficulty now is deciding if I should take the plunge (and if RS have any left - I've seen some of the posts on this subject).
Even though the price is "great" it's still a lot of money and there are projections which show the prices for plasmas will keep tumbling down as demand and volumes increase...(however, I guess that's just something you accept as an "early adopter"



Richard Thomas

If it is any help to you at the recent AV conference Decision Tree Consulting who are the main industry "Market Intelligence" expected that within I think 12 months the price of the lower end Plasma screens will be around £1.5K. This would put better quality screens in the low £2K range.

Like computers they will always be cheaper and better in the future. As you say you need to decide when the price is acceptable to you to make the move.

Up to 50% of the plasma sales over the next year are expected to go into the home. I major change in a very short space of time due to the price drops bringing them into budgets that make them an option for the home user.

Tuners are not generally built in as there is duty on import if they are and this is part of the reason for the big price premium over plasma monitors.

Good Luck

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