Toshiba "Picture Frame" 32ZP18 - worth getting?



You may have noticed another thread I put here about RPTV's. Sorry that I have made another thread here, but different people may look in due to the title...

Anyway. I have been considering getting an RPTV, but I am a bit dubious about picture quality. However I had a look at the Toshiba 32ZP18 and was amazed by the picture qaulity. What is the general consensus of this TV? Should I go for a 32" CRT TV or a 40" + RPTV?

Bearing in mind that I am sitting only 6 foot from the TV so artifacts are really noticable on the picture...



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Thanks... did that :) See there are a fair few problems with it.

But really I was more interested in getting a comparison with a RPTV, (even though I realise they are different products).

Thanks for the pointer anyway...they certainly look good, but don't think I want to spend over 1k on something that is that likely to have trouble...

I have the 32zp18q and think the picture is unbeatable. The tv looks the best as well being the size of a 28" but with a 32" screen. Ironically its being repaired ( a slanting picture. something to look for) but can't wait to get it back. I also looked at rptv's but the quality is not there for me especially close up. Also there would be arguments as to who sits directly in front of it as the ones I looked at you couldn't see the whole picture if you who only a few feet either side of the centre. :rolleyes:
It has built in DD which is fine, although I've upgraded to seperates. When I build my av room in in my loft with a larger screen I'll be using the built in DD again.:)


Thanks for the info.

The quality of picture on RPTV's really is a big issue for me at the moment...and I think I would need some convincing to get one. (Though I do have one on order for next week, I may cancel it yet). The picture from what I have seen is great on the Picture Frame, and it is good to see this confirmed by you. Though I also noticed that on the demo TV's the picture did slant slightly, so it is a little disapointing to hear that from you too...

Anyway, thanks for the info...think I will need to think about it some more...

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I like mine, had it almost 18 months now, not perfect (no tv is) but it still takes some beating, just wish it had PS!


really like mine (36zp18) can put up with small niggles for great picture and looks.


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Just bought a 3-month old 32zp18q from this forum yesterday for a mere £750! Picture wise, I haven't seen anything like it.... simply breath-taking!


Had my 32ZP18Q for 6 months now and it is breathtaking. Everyone who sees it is stunned by the picture quality and the small size of the box.

Trick is not to over do any of the brightness or contrast, about the 50 mark it fine. Anything higher and you can start to make the problems described in othe parts of this site. No TV is perfect.

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