Toshiba Picture frame 2 sound issue


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Oct 6, 2005
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Hi there.
I am a newbie to the site. And this site came strongly recommended by a few workmates for Video/Audio advice etc.

I have a Toshiba 36" picture frame 2 TV 36ZP38B, and have started having a problem with the sound from it. The sound goes off every few seconds then comes back on and then goes off continuously.

I have checked leads etc.

Has anybody had similar problems to this??

Any advice is very much appreciated :smashin:
Hows the reception?
Often between switching of mono and nicam the sound drops.
Check if the local mast has had problems or your ariel.

Otherwise its an internal issue i never heard of. Call an engineer ro Toshiba for help.
It happens with most of my sources. I have tried Sky Digital, Analogue Tv channels and DVD player.
They are all the same. I am currently using my Sony surround sound to get audio. But obviously there's a problem with the TV audio.

Cheers for the replies
Just an update on this one really.
So if anyone has this problem in the future they might be able to see this and see what was wrong with it.

I sent the TV off to be checked and apparently it is the "Nicam Sound Module" that has gone bust. The cost I have been quoted is £260.

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