Toshiba or Panasonic 36"


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Ok after some pretty bad experiences with RP TV's from Toshiba and Samsung I have decided to go for a CRT 36" TV. I think, based on cost, I have narrowed it down to 2 sets. These are

Panasonic TX36PL32 which I can get for £999 from the Comet website


Toshiba 36ZP38B which is on the Currys website for £1,154.48

can anyone give some insight as to which is the best in terms of Image quality. I will mainly be using it with Sky+ and a non Progressive scan, non Component Pioneer DVD player.



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I have the toshiba 36 inch picture frame 2 and ive been blown away by the quality. Admittedly I connect DVD via component and Freeview by RGB scart, but the pictures are breathtaking. That is a very good price and I advise you to go for it. The Panasonic is very good too , but unless your going for the top of the range 36 inch , i think the toshiba quality will be better. It also offers you all the connections you will need if you choose to update your DVD player.

PS - if you go for the Tosh and a stand is not included in the price, you can have mine for £50.

Good luck


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Just had the Tosh delivered yesterday and can say that I was very impressed, best CRT I've seen, would 100% recommend it.

P.S Got mine from John Lewis who price matched Sound & Vision online for £1149 plus free delivery and 5 years Warrenty. :thumbsup:


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Big thanks to Danny_Boy_26.

I did have this on order with House Of Fraser at £1375 inc. 5 Year Warranty and delivery, missed out on their 1st day sale offer where it was going for £1150 at the tills.

Anyway, have just cancelled with HoF and price matched with John Lewis and Sound and Vision for £1128 inc 5 Yr and delivery.

Must have gone down a little since you last price matched.

Anyone want to do this just ask John Lewis to call the Sound and Vision retail store to check prices.


You have saved me a nice £250 and made my day, many thanks.
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