Toshiba MT200 versus BenQ W100


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Hiya, never had a projector before so I'm a total newbie. Have narrowed it down to the Tosh MT200 or BenQ W100.

Benq W100 offers better ANSI Lumens (1300 v 750), longer and cheaper lamp, and quieter (25db v 32) as well as a few other things. The Toshiba is £100 cheaper - not a small difference.

Want to do mostly DVDs and XBox, hubbie will probably do Sky for the footie. Planning on mounting it on a shelf towards the ceiling. Not a huge room but big enough. Still working on a screen - have one I might be able to get hold of, if not may just use cream walls (i know, not best pic, but cheap and easy!!!). Oh, and won't be able to do total blackout, but will get some curtain liners so it'll be fairly dark!

Have read some reviews say the Benq is bad for gaming? Others don't mention it. Overall good reviews on both.

Be grateful for any feedback, or just hold my hand before I spend my money :smashin:


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I'd probably go for the Toshiba, just because it's so cheap, then if you want to upgrade to something better in a 6 months time then you'll easy get your money back on ebay, there's a load of them on there already at £550 and people are buying them :rolleyes:

See my post here for a cheap screen option:

If you're mounting it high up then you're going to want to try to mount it upside down.


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Ansi lumens, quietness of operation. None of these have any effect on the quality of image.

I've had the Benq PE5120 before so i'll be able to do a (pretty unfair) comparison tonight.


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Well, I've gone and ordered the MT200 from Dabs! :thumbsup: Fingers crossed I'll like it.

Jammyb, thanks for the link. I saw Dabs do 60 or 70 inch screens around £60, but for now I'm going to use my wall and wait and see what screen size I settle on before I make any decisions.

Thanks for the posts guys.


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Fan noise can be very significant with regard to overall enjoyment. I know it is too late but the w100 is wisper quite:thumbsup:

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