Toshiba MT200 cuts out. help required.


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Right. I've got it mounted on a high shelf on the back wall. The shelf is about 8 inches from the ceiling. The projector is upside down and I have the lamp on low power and the fan on standard.

When watching movies. Sometimes the projector light just shuts down and the pj enters into a cooling cycle. I don't get any warnings etc... and it's getting annoying.

Has anyone else experienced this. Do I have a duff unit.


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andrewfee said:
I assume you've got it raised up off the shelf a bit?
I have but maybe not enough. Time to go to the garage and sort me out some longer stand offs.


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I had this happen once, but I put it down to a stupid person (me) hitting the wrong button on the wonderful remote that comes with the unit.

Mine is on a shelf just above head height when you are seated the right way up so no chance of any buttons being pressed.

Other than this and I am still not completely sure if I did press a button everything has been fine.


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Okay. It happened again last night.

The led's are:-

Lamp, temp, fan on green.
On is red lite which means 'power went out during normal use - internal problem with the projector'.

Looks like I'll have to request a RMA.

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