toshiba m40 question


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on the pre-installed software (record now) the manual says "do not use "exact copy" function to record dvd video with copyright protection"
does this mean they are saying "it wont work" ...or saying it "will work, but dont use it as thats bad..."
any advice welcomed...
otherwise please recomend me software to produce exact copys of dvds (inc all menus) without problems from the macrovision...


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No standard DVD package like Record Now, Nero etc will copy protected DVDs, that comment you quote means it won't work because the DVD is encrypted and a simple block-by-block copy program won't even be able to read it.

There are several ways to copy protected DVDs, DVDFabDecrypter is now the program of choice IMHO, since the demise of DVD Decrypter, though DVD Shrink is also a capable program, as are others.

You may find browsing Doom9helpful in understanding the options available. You also need to determine if you want to try using dual-layer DVDs to make the copy on, if not then something like DVD Shrink will be needed if you have dual-layer DVDs.

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