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Hi all,

I have recently purchased a 37WLT66 lcd t.v. This has an integrated digital tuner. Presumeably this upscales the picture to 720p?

I want to get an HDMI DVD player to fully enjoy my new t.v. I am also considering getting a recorder with it, The panasonic I am considering also has a digital tuner integrated, which says that it upscales to 720p.

Which would give me the better picture? How is the integrated digital tuner on the t.v. connected? Will an HDMI connection (from the recorder) be better than the integrated picture provided with the T.V?



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The integrated receiver will upscale directly to your screen resolution 1366 x 768. I suspect this will give better results than two scalers, one doing 576 to 720 then one 720 to 768 (less overscan)


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