Toshiba LCD 2008 TV recommended picture settings shown with menu examples

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The following menu examples are from the Toshiba 32CV505D LCD TV (2008), other Toshiba TVs may have slightly different settings.

Note: If your TV has been previously calibrated by a professional, then making adjustments to your TV's picture will undo that work.

Disclaimer: We have suggested the settings below as a starting point from which you can proceed to Step 3 of our guide to further refine your TV's picture. We provide no guarantee that making the adjustments below will improve your TV's picture but, broadly speaking, it *should* do.

PICTURE page 1/2
This is the first of two pages of settings in the top level PICTURE menu.
Duplicate these settings on your TV.


Move down through the options in PICTURE Page 1 to reach Page 2.

PICTURE page 2/2
The second PICTURE page just has the DNR (Dynamic Noise Reduction) function on it. Turn it off.


From PICTURE page 1 select Picture settings.
On this menu page, select a Picture Mode of Movie (you should have already done this in Step 1).
Do not change any of the other settings. Backlight, Contrast, Brightness, Colour and Tint require a test pattern to set correctly, and we will guide you through this in Step 3 of PicturePerfect.


From the bottom of the Picture settings menu, move down to the second page.

Scroll down the Picture settings menu to see page 2/2.
Do not copy the Sharpness setting. We will help you set this in Step 3 of the PicturePerfect guide.
We recommend you turn the Black/White Level off.


Note : If you think you have made a mistake with any of your TV picture adjustments, selecting the Reset option will return the TV picture to its default settings. From here you can start your picture adjustments from the beginning.

On the Picture settings page 2/2, select Colour Temperature.
We recommend you select Warm and leave the other settings at 0.


From the main setup menu, choose FUNCTION.
Turn Auto format to Off.


And that's it for Step 2 on the 2008 Toshiba LCD TVs. Proceed to Step 3 for information on how to adjust the final controls.
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