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Toshiba HDEP-10, is player any good.

Ned Senior

Well-known Member
I don't have the player myself, mine is an E1 so cannot comment on how good it is; However the EP10 is a newer model and maybe better if so you will be delighted as my E1 is splendid.
You got a cracking price on it too going by what I have seen on the web elsewhere. well done


I think the player is an E1 with 1080p added wheereas the E1 was 1080i only.

The XE1 has a better upscaler I think. Though I'm not sure whether you'd notice with 'ordinary' equipment.

The XE1's main advantage is the analogue outputs. Most AV amps have a direct analogue input.

It means you can listen in the new high def sound formats by letting the XE1 do all the decoding and then pass it onto the AV amp to send it out.


Well-known Member
I'm very tempted by one of these at this price.

The only reason I sold my E1 is that I require 1080p/24 output - which this will shortly have. I'll probably wait to see what the 3rd Gen machines offer as I'd pay more for one of them for the following reasons:

If they offered onboard DTS-MA decoding. It appears they don't - and I don't care about bitstreaming it out as my amp doesn't decode it either. TBH none of my HD-DVD's have a DTS-MA soundtrack and I don't expect the major studios to bother with it much on HD-DVD, although I know a few European studios have annoyingly gone down this route.

If they were operationally considerably quicker. The E1 wasn't problematically slow, but faster would be nicer. I get the impression that they won't be much quicker, but time will tell.

The biggest issue is whether the 1080p/24 upgrade is implemented correctly. I want the signal to stay in progressive form through the whole path from disc to screen. I don't want any daft interlacing / deinterlacing steps like the players currently perform to get from 1080p/24 on disc to 1080p/60. I don't see why such a step would be necessary if it really is just passing it directly from the disc to the screen, but i want to be sure before I start splashing my cash!!

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