Toshiba HD recorder RD-XS30SB and Toshiba 36ZP38


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Nov 24, 2003
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Tunbridge Wells, Kent
I have just noticed a rather irrititating problem with my Toshiba RD-XS30SB hard disk recorder. Every time I go to either play a DVD or go to the Record menu - it switches the TV from wide mode to 4:3 mode. I can then change it back with the TV remote to wide, but next time I play a DVD (or stop this one) it switches back to 4:3 mode.

I have it connected via SCART to Ext2 on the Tosh TV. I have Wide set as the display option on the HD recorder.

Anyone know why it keeps auto changing the screen size to 4:3.

I have a very similar set up to you.

However, why are you connecting it to AV2. Does that support RGB? On my ZP18Q it doesn't.

The content menu switched to 4:3 on mine too. When I play a dvd though it switches to the correct aspect ratio of the dvd.
I have my sky box connected to AV1 - the documentation for the TV is not clear at all, but I am almost certain AV2 is RGB as well.

I did think this might be something to do with the problem, so switched the RGB setting to Video on the recorder but it made no difference to the screen switching problem.

The scart should definitely be set to rgb on the tosh.

The input should be set to s-video.

This is most odd

Have you tried putting it into AV1 on the TV just to test?

Also the dvd you are trying to play isn't a 4:3 one is it?
Hi again
DVD is definately widescreen.
I have not tried AV1 - I will
When you say input should be S-Video - do I set this on the TV or the DVD Recorder?

Why S-Video and not RGB?

on the tosh dvd recorder the input should be set to s-video it can not accept an rgb signal

maybe the scart is broken and has a missing pin, clutching at straws I know.

try asking the question on the tosh xs30 thread on the digitalspy forums

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