Toshiba HD-A1 Concerns


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Before I decide to buy, I would like to know the answer to this question. I have a Q321 display which has a DVI input. Would the following text taken from here apply to me? If so in what way would it affect it. It does say, and I quote "We are hoping that the majority of these issues (if not all) can be addressed with a software download".

Some other HD-A1 issues were found during the testing and in follow up testing include problems with color conversion. First off, HD DVD is mastered as 8 bit 4:2:0 YCbCr. The HDMI transmitter chip is doing a color space conversion to 4:4:4 YCbCr before sending out the data to the display or video processor. Using the HDMI output, the luma values are being clipped. Above white and below black information are missing from the image, so dynamic range is not preserved. On top of that, the player is using the wrong color space for HD material if HDMI is converted to DVI at any point. Instead of using the proper REC 709 spec that HD is mastered in, it is being converted to REC 601, which is for standard definition sources. So if your display has a DVI input and you are using an HDMI to DVI cable, the color space used is for SD material, not HD. If you go HDMI to HDMI, it does not have this problem. With standard DVDs, the color space stays correct at 480p. We are hoping that the majority of these issues (if not all) can be addressed with a software download, and will update the review if and when any of this is fixed.
Apparently there have been 4 firmware updates so far as mentioned here. Version 1.4 mentions about certain hdmi/dvi problems being fixed. Could this relate to the above quote?

So have any of you, who have said player got the latest firmware installed, and if so are any of you running it as I would via hdmi -> Dvi, with none of the problems listed above?


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There's a dude here.......

.... who's using an XA1 connected via a HDMI-DVI converter on a PJ, he mentions updating the firmware on it. Hope this helps.

I would also like a definitive answer on this one as I have the Q321 as well and will either be importing or getting a player in November. Even if it is still an issue I'm still getting one though, will just have to use component instead.


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Firstly do you follow the implications of the issues you mention?

The colorspace issue is a minor one , the difference in rec.709 and bt601 is subtle at best and quite possibly beyond the depiction capabilities of most consumer level displays.

The latest firmware update was to improve compatability over hdmi with certain displays rather than colorspace issues I think ...could be worng though .

The loss of intesity outside 16-235 is a little more serious but not massively. I get BTB with hdmi and componet with black enhancement set to on ( although this shouldn't actually effect an hdmi signal) its not all the way down to zero though.

BTB is useful for calibration but far from essential , a properly setup display should lose detail below 16 anyway. WTW is better to hang onto if its there but any decent transfer should look more thna acceptable with it missing anyway. Its nicde to have it but its not the end of the world if you don't.

Not having the values isn't the same as having the entire 16-235 range remapped to 1-255 (video to PC levels) which is a very bad thing , certainly over hdmi/dvi . I don't think the tosh does this and if you want to explore the issue in more detail have a buzz round here and AVS as its been discussed to death.

And last but not least the component output is great anyway and doesn't lose anything to hdmi.

Go buy one , its great.

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I think the colour space issue was fixed with 1.2 ages ago. One of the advantage of support. Role on september for 2.0 ;)

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