Toshiba Gigabeat MEG-F20


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Nov 24, 2004
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Keighley, West Yorks
Does anyone out there have one of these ?

I am thinking about getting a new MP3 player and this has caught my eye.

The price seems pretty good and they look nice, i notice they come in 20GB, 40GB and a Massive 60GB.

They seem good value for money.

e.g 20gb for £180, 40gb for £225 and 60gb for £270 (from, might be cheaper at other online stores etc)

Anyone know if they are any good or would i be better off with somthing else ?
Had a look at one the other night at a friends house. The screen was as big and beautiful as everyone says it is and it seemed like a pretty well put together player. The UI was a little hard to judge as there was no music was on there (it was new with a laptop purchase) but seemed OK if you like the whole touch sensitive thing.
There is a newer model the X20/30 series which was recently announced though God knows when it will be out given how long it took this model to get out there.
For more info try
I have never used one but I really really really wanted one after seeing one a while back. Heard about really bad user software and the interface is supposedly not as intuitive as it could be. I always take these comments with a pinch of salt though, cause how hard could it be? Once you got used to the niggles then I'm sure its a nice player. Most gorgeous screen around imo.

Just buy one on a whim is what I say and send it back if you don't like it, heh.

Do a search on the forums as there have been posts regarding that player in the past that you might find informative.
I've got one and think it's great. Sound quality is very good, it's a nice natural sound with good clarity. I use a flat EQ, I've heard it's distorted if you use any of the other settings but I always use flat as I like my sound to be natural. The headphones that come with it are okay but very ugly and uncomfortable. The software is okay but not as nice as iTunes, it does the job though. The UI on the player is fine once you get used to it and is easy to use and fairly intuitive. The touch scroll can be a bit hit and miss and takes a bit of practice to master but is fine once you get the hang of it.
Hello Fordster, can you tell me anything about the Toshiba's capability for direct recording? I'm a Mac user and am making a short list of DAPs that I might be able to use.
Also, how much, and where from?
Not sure you can use it on a Mac, I think the included software is Windows only (I'll check tonight). The "direct recording" still uses the Gigabeat Room software but doesn't store the music on the PC (other than temporarily whilst converting it).

The RRP is now £179 so don't pay more than that. I got mine from for £179 when the RRP was still £199. Amazon may be a little cheaper but not many places seem to stock the Gigabeat.
Had a look on the box for my Gigabeat and the system specifications are for PC only.

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