Toshiba DVD Ram Recorder


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Has anyone got the Toshiba DVD RAM recorder?

It's spec's look very similar to the Panasonic RAM recorders, but it seems to be quite rare in the shops.

According to What Hi-Fi the Toshiba is the superior machine though.

Any comments?


the non hdd model has dv in and progressive scan component out and rrp of £400
The HDD model I found 5 times harder to use
than the panasonics!


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I've just got the HDD RD-XS30 and it's a doddle to use. I haven't even looked in the manual yet, most of the functions are self-explanatory.


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According to What Hi-Fi the Toshiba is the superior machine though
What HiFi is a horrible magazine. They have made some very bad calls with regards to quality of kit in the past. That's not so with the Toshiba but I would still look further afield for reviews. Try the What Video one:

The Toshiba DR1 has excellent DVD playback, it has progressive scan and offers DVD-RW (Video Mode) recording. It's big drawback is that it lacks RGB input. For analogue tuner recording though, or that from a DV input, then the DR1 is a formiddable machine. Certainly if your machine has to be a DVD player first then a DVD recorder the DR1 is a good choice. If the other way around you should look at the Panasonic or JVC range.

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The Playback of the Tosh DR1 is superb.... also the recordings are very good
the 2 things I dont like
the remote is not the best... although I have now got used to it
and it is not the most user freindly of menu systems.. and again I am now used to it.. but at the beginning it all seemed very daunting

the Tosh also does menu's, and has picture in picture/zoom etc

I can recommend it


I have the HDD version XS30

it is an outstanding machine, very easy to use producing excellent recordings. The playback is superb although suprisingly for Toshiba machines it does not support component out.

It has many advantages over the the current panasonic machines but you can not record an rgb signal. However, unless you archive at a very high rate s-video recordings are superb.

I would not recommend this dvdr to anyone unless they had a sky/freeview box which supported s-video out.

Rasczak, in another thread you made a huge deal about HCC poll which the E100 came out on top. Another mag disagrees with what you believe is true, so they are wrong????

for what it is worth I believe all these reviews must be taken with a huge pinch of salt. The reviewers do not test them for any great length and many have ulterior motives for their reviews.

For my purposes, my chosen archive rate, my display the tosh is the best dvdr available for me. That may change when my other equipment upgrades. For others the E100 is clearly the best currently available. The idea of a 'best' dvdr is as ridiculous as the idea of a best film; or other equally pointless polls that C4 seem to love. All the current dvdr have their pros and cons.


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Originally posted by scrapbook

What is the DVD playback & CD playback on the Tosh DVD RAM player in your opinion?

To be honest, other than playback of stuff stored on the HDD I haven't even bothered looking at the DVD or CD playback quality of the RD-XS30. Bear in mind though that the reasons for this lack of interest in this subject are listed at bottom of this post.


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I've owened a Toshiba DR1 RAM/-R/-RW recorder since mid January and am very happy with it. It was bought primarily as a player as I also have Sky+. The playback IMHO is fantastic especially in Prog Scan. Recordings from Sky via S-Video are very good but as you will by now be aware it can't input RGB. Not much of a hardship though.

The operating system is a bit slow starting up depending on the quality of discs used and the user interface is quite different from other manufacturers. Hence some may dislike it but I find it easy to use particularly the quick access button.

If you don't have Sky+ the timeslip function on RAM is excellent

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