Toshiba DVD players - an odd question



Now this may sound odd, but i can't find the answer anywhere. I currently have a 510e, and one function that's great is the 'Screen Jacket' function, allowing the DVD player (when stop is pressed) to display the 'jacket' of the DVD disc inserted. I am looking for another player (costing less than the 510e) and have narrowed it to the 420e and 210e - does anyone out there who has either of these players, know if they have this function...

I've got a 210e in the bedroom.It does not appear to have the facility you seek.Apart from that it's a fine machine. :)
The 200e doesn't but a great player all the same.
Only a small percentage of DVDs make use of this, e.g. Me,Myself & Irene R1, Southern Comfort R1, Betty Blue R4, Memento SE R1.

Believe me - once you see a few jacket pictures, the novelty quickly wears off ;) It's really not worth making it a priority. Although I must admit, I really love the Memento jacket picture :D

(Not a Tosh but my Sony DVP-NS300 shows jacket pictures btw. :))
Do most Sony models offer this function? I said the question was odd, but it is a function that I want on the player. Tha majority of my Region 1 DVD's in my collection offer this, just a few of the older ones don't.
As far as I know, yes they do. You can double check at

They also have a DVD text function, so it shows up the title of the DVD on the display (when it's been encoded - but this is more common than jacket pictures in my experience)
I've got a Sony with the Screen Jacket function but have yet to find a DVD that has this encoded on it. I've also found that there are alot of DVD's that don't have CD Text encoded on them either. Mind you, being pretty new to DVD's and Home Cinema, my current count of DVD's is hovering around a paltry 30. Still, a long way to go yet me thinks.
Have to agree with Squirrel on this one, the screen jacket function is one of several on the Tosh 510e that sound great when you first read the manual but in practice are rarely, if ever, used.

Resident Evil R1 has a screen jacket encoded, I noticed the other day. It's a bad version of the R1 cover set against a horribly vivid blue screen. Er, cool.

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