Toshiba DR17DT Won't Output RGB From SCART to HDMI?


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I bought this DVD recorder to act as a HDMI hub between my equipment (Sky+, TUTV+ etc) to my Hitachi UT42MX70.

However, I have not be able to get the box to output RGB SCART via the HDMI cable to the UK, no matter what I do. I have tried everything within the settings, but alas nothing works. It can output to the TV from the SCART, but only in CVBS and not RGB.

It outputs everything else fine, I currently have the Sky+ running via S-Video and it is perfect etc, but the S-Video socket is on the front of the unit, so I would rather not be using it.

So I have just been on the telephone to the Toshiba UK customer helpline, and I have been informed that though the unit can take and record an RGB SCART input, it will not output the signal over HDMI in RGB... does this sound correct, and is anyone else who has this machine able to confirm whethert theirs does the same?

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i have this recorder connected by hdmi and if you press menu then click on general settings scroll down to hdmi click on hdmi you are then shown 3 options click on format this takes you toa window where you can choose between RGB or COMPONENT to output over hdmi also in settings menu scroll to video setting and set video out to RGB or COMPONENT. When you are watching tv or dvd if you press the info button twice on your remote you will get a info banner at the top of your screen telling you what the hdmi socket is outputting. This machine will output RGB but wont input it so no rec sky+ will only rec in S Video or Composite hope this is of some help to you.
Do you know a hack to make this player multi region


Be aware that if you want the benefit of RGB then you need to ensure that scarts are fully wired types.... and that in the case of external units like Sky+ that you need to use the TV output socket as it is the only socket providing RGB.

Also ensure that the source is switched to output RGB - [it will be better than S-Video]

Ensure that the DVDR is set to intake RGB


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If you read this review you can see Toshiba seem to be resorting to a half-arsed approach to dvd recorders for europe.

RD-98DT | Home Cinema Choice

No scart RGB input and what looks like a fairly basic connection to the freeview tuner as any red dots or interactive messages displayed are also always recorded. The more popular but cheaper 88 model I'm sure will suffer from the same problems. Very disappointing design from Toshiba. Even the less than spectacular vestel based models like the wharfedale can record from RGB scart I believe. Surely this places the toshiba well below the panasonic and sony in pecking order. I would of thought below the samsung's and lgs too.

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