Toshiba DD 5.1 TV Delay in Receiving Digital Audio

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Kevo, Apr 29, 2002.

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    My mate has a Toshiba WS DD 5.1 32" TV. Not sure what model, but it's only about a year old.

    The problem is..

    He has his DVD connected to ext3 (min-din S-Video) and sound via optical cable.
    The AV Set up on the TV is set to 'Digital' and S-Video on ext3.

    Everytime he plays a DVD there is NO sound and the TV reports 'No Digital' audio.
    He has to go into the surround test set up or the AV connenction set up and out again everytime and without actually changing anything the sound comes on and reports 3/2 (DD5.1)

    Also, if he switches to a TV channel, again the sound has gone and he has to go into the set up and out again for it to switch to 'Pro-Logic'

    Tried the above on all variations of connections, SCART and mini-din and still get the same problem.

    Anybody seen this sproblem before?
    Have we overlooked something in the set up?

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