Toshiba customer service - would they do this?


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Hello everyone!

having a couple of minor issues with my Tosh 32Wlt66 and was going to ring Tosh on Tuesday to complain.

They are usually pretty good and would expect them to offer a swop - my set is well within the 12 month warranty.

Would they consider a swop for the 37inch model - with a slight cash adjustment at my end? Or would they only ever do a like for like?

Anyone had any experience of this?

Cheers for any help!
From what i have seen on this forum people say that you dont actually have to deal with toshiba. You should (in theory) go to yur retailer and tell them to sort the set out with toshiba and not have to deal with anyone else.

I also think they might be in a better position to offer you another set with the cash ajustment.


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is this right? I was under the impression that after an initial period, say 30 days, then it was much better pursuing the manufacturer - as they provide the warranty - this has certainly proved more productive for me in the past. The retailer tends to push any queries to the manufacturer anyway.

Any other opinions?


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You protected by Sale of Goods Act as ammended (SOGA), your deal is with the seller.

The manufacturer only gave you warranty, it's not coverred by SOGA.

Under 12 months old you can get full refund if faulty, later the seller then can claim the manufacturer as the seller is a buyer from manufacturer hence protected by Sale of Goods Act (as ammended).

When you get full refund then you can ask to get a replacement, but if the price goes down then the seller usually offer a replacement before you ask full refund, since it is cheaper, but is up to you.

The point is:
UK government wants you to know your rights.



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Having only just done this myself last week I can tell you what the procedure was for me.

I had a flickering backlight and stuck pixel.

Phoned Toshiba Technical helpline. They sent out an engineer who assessed the unit, went back talked with toshiba technical then called me to say that it was a swap out.

Once its outside the 30 days then your retailer needs a return number from Toshiba.

I got the return number, phone the retailer, they e-mailed Toshiba to check the return was genuine and then it was a case of arranging the swap with Digital Direct.

In my case I've finished up paying £46 to get the 42WLT68 + a yamaha amp as the WLT66 was almost £200 more than the new 68, but because I have on finance I had to have goods to the value of the shortfall.

I am gutted ;) as I've had to have a better TV and amp in exchange for my old panel :thumbsup:

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