Toshiba BDX2250KB


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Can't find any info on this, and wondering if anyone has any experience with it. Looking to buy Sunday, so any info would be great.

It's down from £159 to £69.


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Yeah, that's not the same model (compare pictures). This is a Currys exclusive model, hence the KB at the end of the model number. I'm asking if anyone has purchased this and has any experience.


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KB at the end of the Toshiba model number indicates that it is a British model. KE means European model. So I don't think this is a Currys exclusive model. It's probably the ordinary Toshiba BDX2250KB. If you download the manual from the link I posted, you will see that it is for BDX2250KB.
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It still looks different from the Currys model (which I've seen) and in any case, it is listed as an exclusive model. I'm looking for more than a spec sheet. Things like the speed of loading discs, and noise is more what I'm looking for. I've also never had a Toshiba bluray product. Is it a decent brand?


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you may be tempted to buy this one but I would not recommend it if you want to do anything more than Blu-Ray.
1. The internet functionality is quite poor, only youtube, iplayer and picasa. thats it. nothing more. It is also difficult to use and very slow.
2. DVD upscaling quality is very poor, MUCH worse than toshibas own upscaling DVD player, in particular with dark scenes there are loads of artefacts.
3. The remote control is unable to control my Toshiba TV.
4. The media center functionality is quite poor. it plays back mp4 movies but doesnt appear to recognise anamorphic widescreen movies correctly.

I'm considering getting rid of it.

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