Toshiba 900e/pal Progessive/watchdog


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hi all 900E owners,

i've sent a e-mail to watchdog about toshiba not going to issue a pal progressive firmware upgrade.

for 700 pounds i think we deserve better ;)

nothing may not happen but it's worth a try!!



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Good luck m8 :)


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Originally posted by dvd

notting may not happen but it's worth a try!!


double negative, so thats got to be positive, ah but theres a caveat with the may. Unless of course the Notting is not nothing, so thats something then. I think.:confused: ;)

Anyway, best of luck.

P Adams

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I totally agree with your e-mail to Watchdog, DVD!

My 900e arrived last week. What a fantastic picture (even with standard component into a Toshiba 42WH18B rear projection).

I haven't got a projector yet but that's what I am aiming for and PAL progressive would be the icing on the cake. If it's only a firmare upgrade that will enable it then I think Toshiba should help us out!



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oops :blush: i was in a hurry

dvd :D

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