toshiba 65ht2u problems


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ok so i got this tv from walmart on black friday, its a awesome set. the picture is incredible. but there is a problem that i am having that i don't believe is normal.when ever i change the channel or the picture mode, the tv show a pixelated line flashing across the top part of the screen. video included. it doesn't matter what input i am in. now this obviously doesn't seem like a major problem now, BUT yesterday i was watching a local digital HD channel and all of a sudden the tv froze! and a solid white line either 1 or 2 pixels wide showed up. i thought it was a cable problem so i changed the channel, but the line stayed on the side where the black bars were!! then i panicked and changed the input and it went away. and the correlation between this problem and that problem is that the line came up in the same vicinity.

any insight, should i return it or contact toshiba, i KNOW walmart isn't going to have any more.

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