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Feb 15, 2002
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Compared with the excellent reviews that Toshiba RPTVs normally receive, the latest offerings have not been awarded ' Best Buys' etc.
However, reading the comments from various satisfied owners of the 42 WT29B and the 50 inch version, I am somewhat reassured that Toshiba have maintained their normal high standards.
Does anyone own the 57 incher and does it warrant the same favourable comments?

Given the choice I would rather have the 56WHO8B, I do not want the IDTV tuner, but I cannot find one available from the usual outlets.
Has anyone got any suggestions?

TIA, Brian.
As far as I'm aware, the only reason the 50" and 57" Tosh's haven't been given any best buy awards yet, is that they haven't been reviewed. The 42" has had a favourable review in the latest HCC, where it states that "no quality has been dropped in the transition to the new cabinet design", so there's no reason the other sizes shouldn't be the same.
I've seen both the 50" and 57" and have to say they look very impressive.

Originally posted by Brian Hussey

Given the choice I would rather have the 56WHO8B, I do not want the IDTV tuner, but I cannot find one available from the usual outlets.
Has anyone got any suggestions?

TIA, Brian.
I was lucky enough to pick one of these up last week, they are getting hard to find though, they come up as a discontinued model. There are companies that should still have them in stock, it may mean a search on the net and a few phone calls but you should be able to track one down.

To me it wasn't the IDTV tuner that put me off, I prefered the look of the 56", not that struck on silver and grey TV's.

Hope you find one. :D

Thank you for your response.
I am comparing the current reviews to those for the previous models, and they appear to be slightly less enthusiastic than normal eg:
Home Entertainment ' the picture is very soft and prone to motion blurring'. 4 stars from 5
What Hi Fi 'contrast levels poor and picture lacks detail'. 4 stars from 5.
What Video and TV 'Toshiba has set the standard in RPTVs but with the 42 WT29B its reputation has slipped a bit' 4 stars from 5
Home Cinema Choice 'the picture has a softer overall tone on all sources than previous toshibas' and 'the 42WT29B is perhaps not quite as delicious I'd hoped. But that's comparing it to Toshibas own immaculate standards' 4 stars from 5.

All the reviewers conclude that it is a good RPTV but, as previously mentioned, they are not quite as enthusiastic as when reviewing the previous models.
However, I have learned from this forum that the magazine reviews are only a guide to what you should demo yourself.

Finally, I am irritated that it appears that the 56WHO8GB is not available now that I have the cash at last!! Brian.
-to get the TOSH 56" your best bet would be to contact toshiba UK they recently helped me in finding a set in the UK. Your local Stockist should be able to help you on this matter. Good luck!
Thanks for your input. However, I have contacted Toshiba,UK only to be told that the 56 has been replaced by the 57 and is no longer available!

Back to the Web!!

Thanks, Brian.
I have a 56who8 that I may be willing to let go, if the price is right.

I hate to let it go, as it really is a great set, but am moving to a smaller property.

This set has excellent convergence and focus (I sent my first 56who8 back because its convergence and focus was off a little at the left corner).

I have also been brave enough to disbale SVM, which made the picture alot more natural. To learn more about SVM, go here:

The contrast has always been set to 30.

Let me know via this thread if you are interested.

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