Toshiba 55ZL2B LED, 4x 1080p HD, Glasses-Free 3D Smart TV

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    Not a great fan of 3D, but I caught sight of this in our local John Lewis. 2K screen with glasses free 3D. Supposed to have a tracking device to establish where you are and give you best 3D 'experience'. As I was the only one looking at it I guess it tracked me. My overall impression (in shop conditions) was that it was 3D, but not as good as conventional glasses presentation. I seemed to find a 'sweet spot' directly in front of the screen, but beyond that 3D seemed barely detectable. BTW '4x1080p HD' seems to be 2160p pictures alternately, so this is a 2k screen not 4k as you might suppose from the description.

    Program material was an animation 3D blu-ray. I would like to have seen what a 2K upscaling screen does to non-3D source material, but a remote was not available and I probably didn't look like a prospective customer.

    Perhaps someone might have a more favourable view of this. I know people are waiting for this technology. John Lewis will give you a penny back out of £7000 if you want to buy one!
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