Toshiba 55ul5a63db issues


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Hello was wondering if anyone can give me advice. I'm not sure if it's called screen burn or dead pixels. But I've had my toshiba 55ul5a63db TV now for 15 months now and noticed the horrendous black marks top left and middle well all over really. Toshiba says its only 12 month warranty any advice to try get them to repair it?I'm so angry surly you wouldn't expect it to be like this already. Really should bought Sony but I'll learn. Ignore the writing in screen think the camera was just to quick. Thanks in advance people. Stay safe.


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Dead pixels will stay the same colour whatever is on screen. If they're still changing colour but are darker than the surroundings then they're not dead pixels.

Screen burn is where an image is stuck on screen so you would have to have had it displaying an image for those shapes 24/7 - and even then it'd be unlikely after just a year and a bit.

I suspect it's more likely to be some sort of backlight or diffuser issue.

Your consumer rights about it being fit for purpose and so on are with the retailer rather than the manufacturer so you need to get on to the shop you bought it from.

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