Toshiba 55TL515 - Strange Graphical Glitch

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by Dolobill, Sep 11, 2012.

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    I'm getting a strange graphical glitch occasionally on my Toshiba 55TL515. When the glitch appears, it will reoccur every 20 seconds or so. I've discovered one way to make this disappear temporarily, but I'd like a permanent fix. Let me describe my living room setup for a second...

    I currently have the TV connected by itself to one outlet. The second socket is currently empty.

    In another outlet, I have a filled power bar plugged in. The power bar contains my stereo, xbox, pc, macbook, external hdd, and router.

    When the glitch appears, if I turn off the TV, unplug the power bar and reconnect it, then turn the TV on again, the glitch disappears. I don't understand why this is. They aren't even in the same outlet (they used to be, until i started messing around with this problem). I've tested different HDMI cords, all of the HDMI inputs, and have seen this glitch when using both my pc and my xbox on this tv.

    • Simply turning the tv off an on doesn't work.
    • Unplugging and reconnecting the power block with the TV on doesn't work.
    • Turning off the TV, unplug/reconnect power block, turn on TV DOES work.
    Keep in mind that the TV is not connected to this power block.

    Can anyone provide a possible solution to this? I don't want to keep everything unplugged as I use them all frequently. Could it be the power bar? Is it actually a problem with the tv? Please take a look at this youtube video and see what you think. Thanks.

    Toshiba 55TL515u Strange Glitch - YouTube

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