Toshiba 520E high pitched whine problem


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I have a problem with my new setup as detailed in my sig below. I noticed a whine coming from all active speakers which I have now isolated to my DVD player.

I muted my amp then switched on the DVD player. As soon as it begins to send a signal, whether it be Dolby Digital or 2 channel sound for CD, the sound appears. I figure it is somewhere between about 13kHz and my high frequency threashold.

Increasing the volume on my amp doesn't appear to make it louder.

The DVD player is connected to the receiver by an Accoustic Reasearch optical cable, £19.99 from Argos.

Is this a problem with my DVD player?

Any suggestions on how I can get rid of it?




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I tried a coaxial cable and also a £20 QED phono connection.

The same whine is present on all 3. The only difference is, if I pause the CD, the whine goes away on both digital connections, but stays on the analogue.

It's not a loud sound, you can only hear it if you are close to the speaker. I guess I should just ingore it. It just irks me that I spent £2000 on a system and it has problems :/


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I just tried my old Wharfedale 750S DVD player. Exactly the same problem. So it looks like it's my receiver.

Does anyone else have this problem?


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Your Marantz 7300 is a good receiver, and shouldn't be making that noise. Try taking your DVD player to the place you got the Marantz and see if the the noise is still present. If it isn't then you have a faulty receiver and you should be able to get it replaced. If the noise is still there then it may be a problem with the Marantz line (which I doubt) and some freindly words with your dealer will be in order to get a different receiver, should you want. Or both your DVD players have the same fault (which I doubt even more) in which case you will need to get the Tosh player replaced, assuming that these peices of kit are still under warranty.



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Everything apart from the B&W speakers was bought online 2 weeks ago. The noise is very low and can only be heard if your ear is a few inches from the speakers.

I just wanted to know if anyone else had heard of this before. It's a small issue, overall i am very pleased with my system.

I think sending the receiver back would be more trouble than it's worth.

The sound could also be some sort of interference, but it is very strange that with the receiver muted, the sound is present if I play a CD, but not if I pause it.


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I've been trying out my old Wharfedale 750S DVD player with the rest of my new kit. Here is what I have found.

1. Plays region 1 DVDs fine.
2. Plays SVCDs fine.
3. Handles both DD and DTS.

The Toshiba does some things my old DVD can't:

1. Play Audio DVDs.
2. DD decoding on-board.
3. Display jpegs.
4. Progressive NTSC.

None of which I am using right now.

The drive is definitely quieter than the Toshiba while playing CDs, but can get noisey sometimes during DVD playback.

I bought the Wharfedale for £90 2 years ago, and it seems to be performing just as well as my new £210 Toshiba!

I can't even see a difference in picture quality on my 32" Widescreen Sony Wega.

Someone please convince me I didn't just waste £210 on the Toshiba. I guess next time I'll try things out a bit more before buying new kit.

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