Toshiba 510E DVD-R working combo?



I have the above fine player and I want to start burning my own DVD's.

I'm aware there were some issues with the Toshy 510 and DVD-R's and I'm trying to find the right combination of :

+ dvd authoring software

+ blank media

+ Good burner

Looking back through the various posts a while back, there seemed to be limited success with Nero My requirement is to author home produced DV (not rips). I'm assumin Nero just does the final burn, so I need the authoring part as well (like Ulead DVD Workshop or similar).

I'd be gratefull if you could post your latest experiences on what works with the 510, I don't wan't to have to buy a new player!



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Well, I went through this whole debacle a few months ago. I bought the 510 at a bargain price and loved it.
When I came to wanting to create my own burned -R media though, I couldn't find anyone having any success anywhere on this forum or otherwise. In desperation I emailed Toshiba and got this back:

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your recent enquiry. Please find the information that you
requested as follows:

This SD510 can not play DVD-R discs only our new range of models can which
are the SD120 ,220, 420, 520, 9500.

If you have any further queries or would like to go through your query with
an advisor you can contact us on 0115 9766958,
Monday - Friday 9.00-18.00 and Saturday 9.00-17.00, or feel free to reply
by E-mail.

We trust that the information is to your satisfaction. If you have any
further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on the above number.

Kind regards,

Jonathan Clowes

Toshiba Consumer Products Division Helpdesk

In the end I sold my Tosh and tried to buy a 220E from Leading Edge, who had to replace the bloody thing twice and still couldn't get me a working multiregion machine. So I changed tack and got the Pioneer DV350. This plays everything: -R, -RW, +R, +RW and CD-R, CD-RW and MP3, and is multiregion and RCE OK.

I would say your only chance is to go to some of the dedicated forums such as or or even (there are still posts there abour the "-" format) and try to get help from some of the techheads there. I would have to say that if my experience is anything to go by, you will struggle to find a media/software/burner combination that will create playable discs for the 510, but keep looking.

Good luck.


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I recommended that a few friends bought the Toshiba 510E, but was horrified to find that it wouldn't play ANY of my DVD-R disks.

It just reports 'DISC ERROR'

It turnes out that Nero is to blame.

If you use Stomps 'RecordNOW 4.1' or 'Gear' 6.02, the disks work fine on a 510.

I havn't had much chance to test the playback capability, but the odd disk that I have taken to a friend (on different types of media) all work fine.

However, the disks that I have loaned to a colleague, all skip and break up... Saying that, his 510E has now stopped playing original disks, so there is clearly something wrong with his player.

Even though I fixed this problem, the 510 still can't read DVD-RW disks, so it probably not the best at reading DVD-R media in general.

I hope this helps



Interesting, so have we narrowed this problem down to Nero?

Does anybody have any views on combined authoring/burning software that is known to work with the 510?

Also, can anybody recommend a good burner? The new dual format drives look like a good bet.




How about Prassi PrimoDVD, this program has been around for ages, it has a reputation of producing compatible DVD-R movie backups, if there is a problem with your image it will tell you about it.

Loads of info on creating your own DVD-R backups on URLwww.doom9.orgURL.

Hope this helps.



What I want to do is create fully "pucker" DVD's with menu's etc from my own DV footage. From the quick look I just had, PrassiDVD is just a burning program?



Have a look around doom9, there are answer to questions like this there.

Good Luck. :D :D

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