Toshiba 510 & Sony VPL VW10HT


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(reposted in this forum cause lots more people read it :)

I've just bought and laid in a nice 4 way cable from the pj to DVD player so I can use the component outputs and also use the progressive output of the Tosh 510 DVD player.

The component outputs look slightly better, so thats fine.

But enabling progressive output on the Tosh really reduces the resolution of the picture. Looking closely at the image it appears to 1/4 the res (each 2x2 block of pixels basically becomes one - roughly) so diagonals look absolutely terrible.

Now this was on a region 1 NTSC disc. I *think* the 10HT is quite good at upscaling and de-interlacing NTSC?

If the NTSC progressive signal is 480p, and the Sony doesn't do any fancy line doubling/scaling to the image I can see why it looks horrible. (480 lines stretched up to fit the natural res of the panels)

So I've basically two questions.

1) What does the Sony do that the Tosh doesn't to make the image a lot better?

2) Would buying a Philips 963SA (for progressive output PAL & NTSC) be a waste fo time, i.e. would it look terrible and blocky like the Tosh does?

Or would I be better off just getting a very good second hand player, say Sony 7700 or something?

Don't care about SACD or CD playback.




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Anyone shed any light on this problem at all?

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