Question Toshiba 50UA3A63DB UA3A Series Smart Android TV Freeview Play Problem


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I bought a cheap Android smart Toshiba TV for the use of the offspring. I know that this is a Turkish Vestel TV re-badged as a Toshiba TV and manufactured in Eastern Europe, but I thought that I would give it a go. Overall, I have been quite impressed with the build, picture and sound quality of the TV for the money. The Android interface seems to work well.

There have been a couple of glitches along the way, however. On the initial setup, after the first turn on of the TV, the first presented language option to be used is UK English - so far, so good. However, when asked for the country of use, United Kingdom (or Great Britain/England/Scotland/Wales/Northern Island) is not given as an option. The closest choice is the Isle of Man!

After the initial setup, the TV had other apps, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, but no Freeview Play. I was not able to install Freeview play from the Google Play Store, and received an error code 'FVP-300'.

Sometimes I can just about coax the installation to the stage of accepting the terms and conditions, after which it tells me that it is loading the app. Unfortunately, it then goes to a black screen and does not show the Freeview play screen. Hard or soft reboots, or a total factory reset of the TV do not make any difference. I was able to add the Disney+ app from the Google Play Store to the TV with no problem, so it would appear to be an issue with Android/Google Play Store/Freeview play.

Before the TV goes back to Costco, any help or advice ("You shouldn't have bought that TV" doesn't count :() to fix it/load Freeview Play successfully would be gratefully received!




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Freeview play should be on channel 100 on freeview,this will then give you options to watch catch-up might then ask you to install the main catch-up services.


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Hi dts,

Thanks for the reply. I have tried that, again with no luck. I took the TV back to Costco today and received a refund.

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